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Arden Bronstein, DDS

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Dental emergencies often happen when you least expect them. At his practice in Hyattsville, Maryland, Dr. Arden Bronstein DDS and his team offer emergency dentistry services, such as extractions, root canals, and other procedures that repair tooth damage and decay. Call the office to schedule an emergency dentistry appointment, request an appointment online, or simply walk in today.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is emergency dentistry?

Dr. Bronstein treats a wide array of dental emergencies, which are dental issues that require immediate care. Emergency dentistry includes a wide range of treatments that can restore or even save your tooth. See Dr. Bronstein at the first sign of a dental emergency.

What constitutes a dental emergency?

The following teeth and gum issues are often considered dental emergencies:

  • Tooth or gum pain
  • Toothaches
  • Tooth infections
  • Pus in your gums
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Lip or gum lacerations
  • Gum swelling
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Loose permanent teeth

If you’re unsure if a tooth or gum issue constitutes a dental emergency, call Dr. Bronstein’s office for advice.

What should I do during a dental emergency?

If you or your child encounters a dental emergency, do the following:

Knocked-out tooth

Save a knocked-out permanent tooth and bring it with you to Dr. Bronstein’s office. Place it back in its socket, between your gums and cheek, or in some milk.

Cracked or broken tooth

If you have a cracked or broken tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and place a cold compress on the affected area.


If you have a toothache, place a cold pack on the painful area and head to Dr. Bronstein’s office.

What are common emergency dentistry treatments?

During a dental emergency, Dr. Bronstein’s first priority is to eliminate any pain. He evaluates your teeth and gums and may take dental X-rays.

He can complete a root canal, minor tooth surgery, or place a dental crown or bridge if needed. Dr. Bronstein can also bond damaged teeth, extract them if necessary, and place dental implants to replace missing permanent teeth.

How can I reduce the risk of dental emergencies?

To lower your risk of encountering a dental emergency, wear a mouthguard when participating in contact sports. Never use your teeth to open packages and avoid chewing on popcorn kernels, ice, or hard candy. Brush your teeth at least twice daily and see Dr. Bronstein every six months for routine dental cleanings and exams.

To receive top-quality emergency dentistry care when time is of the essence, call the office of Dr. Arden Bronstein DDS, request an appointment online, or simply walk in today.