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Routine Exams

Routine Exams consist of a full mouth inspection, listing of clinical findings, and charting of findings.

First, I do a complete head and neck exam including mouth, hard and soft palate, throat tongue, teeth, and gums. Then I do a complete head and neck exam including lips, neck, thyroid and cartilage, and anything abnormal on the face. This is followed by a complete oral cancer screening. Next current Bite Wing Xrays and Panoramic Xrays are compared to findings in the mouth and teeth. Finally a periodontal exam is done that compares and classifies Gingivitis and Periodontitis by type from probings and comparison with Xrays. 

A treatment plan is then formulated and divided into parts depending on what is most problematic and what should be done first, and in what order do other treatments come.

I also get a complete medical exam including all problems, treatments, and prescriptions. If patient has a medical condition that affects his treatment I contact the physician.

Emergency Dentistry

We are great at treating emergencies. We take walk ins but prefer for patient to call at 8:30 AM, and patient will be fit in that day when there is an opening.

I do everything from extractions and drains, to starting root canals (pulpotomies). to crown and bridge and denture repair,and crown recementation, as well as periodontal treatment. 

I extract about 2000 teeth a year.

Preoperative releases and post operative instructions are given including prescriptions for abscesses and pain when needed.

Most of our emergency patients become patients of good standing.


Teeth Whitening

I do teeth whitening for anyone who desires to have their teeth bleached. First custom trays are fabricated to fit your teeth. Then you are given tubes of bleaching gel that is coating your teeth for at least 8 hours per day and usually at night. Attention the present solutions of carbamide peroxide are up to 30%. This is 3 to 4 times stronger than what was used 10 years ago, and 10 times stronger than what was used 30 years ago.

Dental Fillings Cosmetic Dentistry

I only use Composite Resin fillings in the office. We do not use amalgam silver fillings because of the mercury in them, and the fact that composite fillings are just as durable. It is to be noted that all fillings are first cleaned of all decay, and pulp caps are placed where necessary depending on the depth. Fillings are done depending on the number of surfaces and depth of filling. Each tooth has five surfaces. Finally, occlusal adjustment is made to insure the filling height is perfect.

I use one step bonding agents, glass ionomers, and composite resins that are light cured and not toxic.

Crowns,Bridges, Veneers & Implant supported Crown and Bridges 

I do all types of ceramic crowns and fixed bridges as well as porcelain fused to precious metal crowns. Of course I do all ceramic and emax veners.

In addition we do fixed crowns and bridges over implants and abutments.

Full mouth bridges over implants are also done.


Removable Dentures and Partial Dentures, Dentures over implants,

and All in a Day Dentures

I do removable dentures and partial dentures in acrylic or Valplast (flexible no metal).

I also do fixed dentures over implants ,abutments and or locators. 

I prefer dentures over locators that can be removed and snap back on.

"All in in a day dentures are also done"

Dental Hygiene

I do Hygiene depending on the needs of the patient. In the absence of disease a prophylaxis cleaning is done.

In the presence of Gingivitis a scaling in the presence of gingivitis is done, followed by a periodontal maintenance in 30 days with a prophylaxis, and a 4 or 6 month follow up cleaning.

In the presence of Periodontitis deep scaling and curetting by quadrants are performed with anesthesia.

I also irrigate with Peridex (a prescription rinse) to insure that the tissues are healthy and free of bacteria.

A witten Oral Hygiene treatment plan is then given to the patient with explanations and a prescription for Peridex with adequate refills are given.

I routinely get good results because of the instructions, prescriptions and compliance of my patients.


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